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The study of law demands in-depth discussion and critical analysis. As a result, law graduates acquire skills in communication, problem solving, research, and independent thinking all of which are prized by employers in different fields. Students learn to apply the techniques of legal analysis and receive a comprehensive grounding in the important subject areas of the law: criminal law, property law, public law, commercial law, international law, administrative law and legal procedure. In addition to working for law firms as advocates, graduates with a law degree have skills that are valuable in business, creative arts and industries, and in Government. If you are interested in a life in academia then you will want to consider postgraduate study in law.

Why Us?

  • The biggest law college in Sargodha Division
  • We're right at the heart of Sargodha city.
  • We feed practical training directly into our courses - meaning you'll graduate with cutting edge knowledge in your field
  • We offer unrivaled range of exciting social and extracurricular opportunities.


Mahar Muhammad Yusuf
(Retired District & Sessions judge)

Welcome to the Cornelius Law College. Law is an exciting intellectual adventure and this year we are celebrating this spirit of exploration that permeates the College, from our first-year student. The Cornelius Law College is illustrative of a College whose academics are intellectually engaged. This in turn means that students benefit from their vitality and enthusiasm for their subject, and study becomes an intellectual adventure that challenges and enriches them. Beings a part of the Cornelius Law College means belonging to the large family that is law. There is a rich and rewarding mix of formal and informal encounters with those who make the law, teach the law, practice the law and, enjoy the law. I urge you to make the most of your time here. Enjoy the beautiful building in which we work. There is a wealth of opportunities, to join with staff, visiting intellectuals and professionals and your fellow students to enhance your learning.



3 Years Degree of Islamia University, Bahawalpur.


5 Years Degree of Islamia University, Bahawalpur.

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